Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Simple Life

    As much as I love food photography, I also love working on my rights managed portfolio at Arcangel. Two completely different styles of photography. With food photography everything needs to be clean and the colors really need to pop. Sharp details. Almost perfection. Perhaps that is why I enjoy it, because it pushes me to learn more about the basics of photography. With Rights Managed I can open up and shoot anything and everything. I can be more artistic and moody. I love that! So, this week I took a short break from shooting food and other crazy things going on in everday life and took my little model out for a photo shoot.
   We live in an area that once was home to many Amish and Mennonite families, but most have moved on. However, before they left I had the chance to see a little into their lives. Everyone always refers to their life as the "The Simple Life." I just don't see that. Yes, it is simple in the fact that they don't have all of the modern distractions that we do, but what I seen was a very hard life. Always working, struggling with teaching thier children their faith, grown men sneaking a smoke and listening to worldly music when their elders are not around. But that is not very different from the rest of us. Not really. Most of us have to work from the time we wake up til late in the evening. I know I do. It's just a different kind of work. Most parents struggle with one thing or another with their children. We love them and want to teach them what is best. And whether or not we'll admit it, most of us don't want people we respect to see us doing things that we know they'll disapprove of, so we hide it from the world.
   There are a lot of things I respect about the Amish. Perhaps it is the same things that make them so fasinating to the rest of the world. I love their sense of community and family. They seem to be very close, working together, helping one another. Usually opening up their homes for their worship services. Their work ethics are wonderful! There are quiet a few things we could learn from their lifestyle.
   It is these things that make them a wonderful subject. There is just the little issue of the fact that majority do not believe in having their photos taken. I do know of one little Amish run business that is close by where the woman has several photos of her family on the wall behind the counter. However, since the majority do not believe in it, I would never go to their community and just stick my camera in their face to please my own artistic desires. Instead I have an adorable little model I use. The photographs I do in her Amish clothing are usually very nostalgic. The majority of my Amish images are at Arcangel, but a few are with the microstocks. Just click on the link on that right that says "Arcangel Images."  In the keyword search on the right hand side of the screen, just type in "Stephanie Frey Amish" to see more of my Amish images.

Please do not use or copy any of my images. Thank you!


  1. Your children portraits are so inspirational! What a beautiful memory keepsake for your beautiful girls. I wish you'd post more :)

  2. Thank you Luba! I have some ideals for this Spring that I am looking forward to trying.